Entry 5

September 9th, 1998

Dear Diary,

Today is Wednesday! I only had one class today. Willow set up a home computer today in our dorm! She told me I could use it whenever I wanted if she wasn't busy! She also told me she uses this really cool website called "Ebuy" I think? She's been Ebuying all these different cool things! She even bought me a beanie baby! "Garcia the Bear!" She says that you can purchase stuff 'online' from other people at their homes. That person is responsible for wrapping up the item and shipping it to whoever ordered it from their ebuy internet shop. I thought it was a little risky at first. How can you trust random people on the computer you've never met before? Then Willow said that there is thing called "Seller Feedback" that makes you rate the person who runs the internet shop you buy an item from. Isn't that incredible?! Who comes up with this stuff?? I hope I can have a great idea like that one day. I'll stay in touch.


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